Reference Cards (E&M) Based on CMS Guidelines and The Marshfield Clinic Point System Audit Tool (Hospital and Clinic Visits)

These are  E&M bedside pocket reference cards I created and use myself for both hospital based and clinic based evaluation and management.  These cards are based on my review of the CMS 1995 and 1997 guidelines, CMS E/M guide and the Marshfield Clinic point system, an audit tool being used voluntarily by Medicare carriers in most states.  Check with your billing company to verify which audit tool your E/M charges would comply with as some Medicare carriers use different tools to verify accuracy of claims.

Where did the Marshfield Clinic  point system E/M tool come from?  It was developed in the early 1990's at this 600 physician multi-site, multi-specialty, mostly office-based practice in Wisconsin where Medicare's 1995 EM guidelines were beta tested.  This medical decision making point system audit tool was developed by clinic staff and their local Medicare carrier.  These scoring tools never made it into the official guidelines, but are accepted as a standard audit tool by most carriers today.

I have written a free educational  lecture series on the ins and outs of hospital based coding as I understand them, based on the guidelines we've been given to follow from CMS.  You can find all my experience and understanding at my free E/M lectures.

Here are your purchase options for the  E/M reference cards with the  Marshfield point system:
  • A two sided hospital based card with reference to my interpretations of CMS guidelines for admit/consult rules on one side and the hospital follow up rules on the other  for $12 + $2 S&H.  The card below represents one side of this card.
  • A two sided office based card with reference to my interpretations of the CMS guidelines for new patient/consult rules on one side and the established patient rules on the other side  in the exact same format as above for $12 + $2 S&H.
  • You can have two cards, in any combination for $18 + $2 S&H
  • You can have two hospital based cards and two office based cards for $32 + $2 S&H.
The cards come with  high quality commercial grade print and crisp easy to read text.  The inpatient card comes in lemon yellow with black text and the outpatient coding card comes in lime green with black text.   Both two sided pocket cards  have high quality commercial grade lamination.  If you are a hospitalist  or any doctor that needs to know evaluation and management rules and your livelihood depends on it,  these quick reference bedside cards  can help you understand what your documentation supports.

You can buy your choice today using any major credit card through the security of Paypal and you don't even need a Paypal account.  It's that easy.  All proceeds are donated to charity to help make this world a better place.

EM Pocket Reference Cards Using Marshfield Clinic Point Audit

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