Hospitalist Resources

The Happy Hospitalist (THH) was started in 2007  as a way to offer perspective in hospitalist medicine.  Over the years, I have done a lot of reading about issues related to practice management and hospitalist best practices.  I have written many blog posts about many economic issues related to hospitalist medicine.  I have provided this hospitalist resource area as an opportunity to help other physicians find important information they should use to manage their hospitalist practice.

This section is constantly changing as I find new resources, write new blog posts and update broken links and outdated information.  Let me know if there is any information you're looking for or that you feel is vitally important for other hospitalist to know about and I will include it here in my resource area.  Thanks for your readership.  If you'd like to be included in my resource center, contact me at your convenience and I will review your request.  Resources presented in green originate from sources other than The Happy Hospitalist.  Resources not presented in green are original authorships from THH although many  have important information that originates from authoritative experts on the subject.