Free Evaluation And Management (E/M) Hospital CPT® Lectures

Presented here is a collection of my free lectures I have created on CPT® and other evaluation and management scenarios.  Medicare has made being a doctor nearly impossible with their incredibly complex requirements for billing and coding.  I have studied E/M for many years and have a good grasp on the rules necessary to remain in compliance by avoiding over and under billing.

I am a practicing clinical hospitalist at a large regional referral center.  I have nearly 15 years of experience with coding patient encounters. I follow my own advice to submit the correct CPT® code to CMS every time.  The CPT manual is an invaluable resource every physician should have on hand for review. The AMA CPT 2018 Professional Edition is the most up-to-date and authoritative publication on code descriptions.  Every physician should have one for frequent review in their office or hospitalist practice.

As shown below, I have organized all my evaluation and management lectures into  easy to find graphical descriptions on Pinterest .  If you're on The Happy Hospitalist through a mobile platform,  or if you cannot see both pin boards shown below with all my E/M and CPT® lectures, click here for the pin board for the CPT® lectures and click here for the pin board for the other E/M lectures.  

I have a Pinterest board just for my CPT® lectures and one for all my blog posts related to RVU, E/M and other practice management information.  If you don't have a Pinterest account, simply click on the top bar in either Pinterest Board below and it will take you to that entire collection of CPT® and E/M lectures.  Then, click on any lecture picture. This will open up another next screen.  Click on the picture again and it will take you to the lecture on The Happy Hospitalist site.  Alternatively, if you know your CPT® code, you can type it into the Google search bar in the upper right hand corner of the The Happy Hospitalist desktop site or the search bar near the bottom of this page if you're on a smartphone.  Lectures are available for many of the most common CPT® codes.

If you have had an opportunity to review my extensive collection of lectures on billing, coding, E/M, RVU and other practice management issues, I welcome your feedback to help others review your experience.