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The Happy Hospitalist averages about 250,000 page views per month (around 8,000 per day).  According to Google Analytics, 93% of visitors are from the United States split evenly between desktop and mobile views.  Organic page views from the search engines account for greater than 75% of the page views, mostly related to the large collection of practice management and E/M related posts.  This implies a high concentration of medical professionals that view content on The Happy Hospitalist looking for specific answers to medical related content.

Three highly visible above the fold desktop article page advertising slots are available:  a 728x90 below the menu bar, a 336x280 right sidebar and a 336x280 embedded in the first paragraph on article pages.

For mobile article pages, a 300x250 slot is available above the fold, below the article title.  In addition, below the fold 300x250 slots are also available at the end of content and below comments on article pages.

Prices are variable based on the their past performance.

You can contact The Happy Hospitalist at for advertising inquiries or any questions at all.