LASIK vs Lasix. What's the Difference? Ophthalmologists Know and They are Cashing In On the Difference.

Bel-Aire, CA.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients study the pros and cons of getting eye surgery to finally get rid of their glasses or contacts forever.  They consider the costs and benefits before paying thousands of dollars to experience the freedom of Lasix.  And that is exactly what some ophthalmologists are giving them.  Lasix.

Lasix is a diuretic used to make you pee.  LASIK--Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis-- is an FDA approved eye surgery that permanently changes the shape of your cornea to try and say goodbye to contacts and glasses forever.

Lasix costs several pennies per treatment dose.  LASIK costs several thousand dollars.  Smart ophthalmologists finally realized they could optimize their revenue stream by taking advantage of cash paying customers and giving them exactly what they asked for.

Lasix did this!
It started in 2007 when Opportunologist Dr. Johnny Redman got tired of constantly explaining to his patients the difference between Lasix and LASIK.  So he decided to give them exactly what they asked for.  For only $2,000, Dr Redman offered his patented Minimally Invasive Vision Lasix therapy, and advertised it as so minimal that patients would never feel anything, except an overwhelming urge to pee out all the eye toxins causing the blurry vision.

"I can't believe I can see so well.  After just one Lasix treatment I was able to throw away my contacts forever.   Thank you Dr Redman for giving me back my eyes," said Nancy Getterman, a stay-at-home mother of three and leading essential oils Facebook poster among all her friends.

Dr Redman has made no apologies about his business model.  "I have a patient satisfaction rate of over 98% and a complication rate of 0% after 9 years of my proprietary Lasix method," said Dr Redman.  "Patients are lining up around the block to experience the joys of my Lasix therapy."

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