Pharmacist Pill Color Debate Goes Viral.

The color of the dress, that is clearly black and blue, take a strange and unusual turn Friday after a Walgreens pharmacist posted a picture of some Advil gel cap pills on his Facebook account asking, "Are these pills green or black?"  Thousands of pharmacists painfully debated the color for hours with both camps escalating the discussion to profound levels with ever more creative variations of cat pictures and  Michael Jackson eating his popcorn, resulting in a nationwide pharmacist shortage for hours.

At the height of the viral argument, thousands of pro-spanking, vaccine denying, and end-stage fibromyalgeurs hijacked the debate and concluded, without a doubt, that vaccinating unspanked children causes fibromyalgia.

The internet is a strange and wonderful place.  And now it's a public utility!  Congratulations.  You just wasted another minute of your live reading this!

 What color are these pills?
What color are these pills?  

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