Measles Virus Made Large Contribution To Rand Paul Just Days Before Autism Vaccine Comments.

Newport, KY -  Rand Paul staffers were forced to admit Tuesday that Measles Virus made a large possible-presidential-campaign contribution just days before the Kentucky Senator's autism vaccination comments took the medical community and reasonable people in general by storm.  During a CNBC interview with Kelly Evan's on February, 2nd 2015, Senator Paul said this:
"I have heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines.  I'm not arguing vaccines are a bad idea."
Measles Virus, a fevered supporter of personal freedom, denied making the large contribution - through his MMR political action committee (PAC) - to Senator Paul's campaign with the hope of buying influence in his likely run for the 2016 presidency.  However, staffers indicated Measles asked for his money back after Senator Paul chose to clarify his comments in the days that followed:
"I did not say vaccines caused disorders, just that they were temporally related – I did not allege causation."
Measles Virus takes back his money in protest
"It was a rash decision, but I had to do it for me, my family and all my other virus friends experiencing discrimination.  He was our greatest hope for freedom," said Measles, who was disappointed in Mr. Paul's decision to backpedal on his position.

After news of Measles' political contributions to Senator Paul went viral, former political staffers started connecting-the-dots and came forward with knowledge of big campaign contributions by the viral powerhouse in years past.

"I always suspected Measles was behind the anti-vaccination comments made by pre-presidential candidates Hillary and Barack.  We're talking millions of dollars given through the MMR PAC.  That kind of dough is infectious for any candidate and can be hard to ignore,"  said a former campaign staffer.

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