Vaccination Outbreak Forces Orange County To Declare State of Emergency.

Orange County - Shortly after Disneyland became ground zero for the largest vaccine preventable disease outbreak the United States has seen in decades, unvaccinated children of Orange County families overwhelmed doctors' offices and local healthcare clinics fearfully seeking immunizations against measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough and other childhood illnesses.  This surge in vaccination cases left government officials no choice but to declare a vaccination state of emergency.

"Due to the actions of a few thousand heartless pseudo-anti-vaxx parents who abandoned their principles at the first sign of a little measles, we are now faced with a vaccination outbreak of epidemic proportions,"  said Stan Walters, Director of Orange County's Public Health Department.

Last week alone, public health officials reported nearly 23,000 children in Orange County were unnecessarily vaccinated after  misinformation by pro-vaccination terrorists was widely disseminated on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.  This brings to 100,000 the number of children vaccinated since the measles outbreak began in late 2014.

Public health officials have been pleading with the public to remain calm.  "Those vaccinators are relentless.  We are working 18 hour days to help our citizens avoid making any rash decisions," said Mr. Walters.

The citizens of Orange County have always lived in unvaccinated  harmony with nature, oblivious to the dangers of childhood vaccines.  The percentage of some Orange County schools with fully vaccinated children has remained less than 30% for many years, but the recent vaccination outbreak has changed that and many anti-vaxx parents now worry about the effect vaccinated children will have on the wellbeing of their own child.

Officials are working feverishly to stop the vaccination outbreak.
"I used to send my kid to school everyday with the comfort of knowing most of their schoolmates were unvaccinated. But now that 95% of Jimmy's classmates got vaccinated, I have to live in fear everyday wondering which one of these kids is going to give my child autism.  No parent should have to live like that,"  said the mother of one anonymous anti-vaxx parent who just returned from her biweekly botox injection.

Officials promised to do everything they could to stop the vaccination epidemic in its tracks. "No child in Orange County should ever have to go through the mild pain, occasional swelling and discomfort of vaccines ever again," said Mr Walters.

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