Am I a Good Parent? Two Question Quiz!

Many mothers and father often find themselves wondering whether they are good parents or bad parents.  The answer is really quite simple.   If you vaccinate your children and you don't spank, you're a good parent.   Good job parent!  If you vaccinate your kids but feel it's alright to spank them, you're a bad parent.  Stop it!  This flow chart diagram on parenting skills will help you understand.  Be a good parent.  Vaccinate your kids and don't spank them and you'll be a great parent.

 photo bd9cdefc-02b9-4e0d-b74e-16dbe073f588_zps3b447057.jpg

You can find many great books on Amazon about gentle parenting techniques that provide a positive experience for your kids.   The Happy Hospitalist is hoping 2015 will be filled with great parent experiences that bring joy to your childrens' hearts.  Fill their love tanks.  Say no to spanks and yes to vaccines.

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