Orthopedic Surgeon Excited To Complete Fellowship in Left Pinky.

St Louis, MO --  Dr. James Bender is proud to call St. Louis home after 12 grueling years of training to become just one of five orthopedic surgeons nationwide super super subspecialized in the left pinky finger.  Redding Orthopedics, the largest multispecialty orthopedic practice in Missouri, hired Dr. Bender last month to be the group's go-to-guy for left pinky pathology.   He joins other highly specialized orthopedists in the group, including one spine surgeon who will only operate on L3 and a wrist surgeon who will only tackle injuries of the right Positions* bone

To become a super, super subspecialist, Dr. Bender had to complete four years of medical school, a five year orthopedic residency, a one year hand fellowship, a one year bilateral pinky fellowship and a one year left pinky fellowship.  After 12 years of clinical training, he joins just  four other distinguished colleagues on the  American Academy of Left Pinky Orthopedic Surgeons.

"I thought about doing another one year fellowship on the distal phalange of the left pinky but I was finally ready to make a difference in people's lives between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays that don't fall on a holiday," said Dr Bender,who was later shocked to learn he would still have to take general ortho call for his group at four different hospitals.

"I intentionally super, super subspecialized myself into outpatient orthopedics, but my group made made me take all general ortho and trauma call day and night for the next two years,  I don't even remember the bones of the hip anymore."

Hospitalists and ER doctors were livid at Redding Orthopedics.  "That group has been pulling this crap for years.  Whenever we call Dr. Bender, he says 'I don't do anything but the left pinky' and hangs up,  So we end up calling the hospitalist and tell them there's an admit for delirium that happens to have a broken hip,"  said Dr Phil Fedder, an ER doctor who's greatest achievement so far has been to work an entire day without being cynical.

Very few hospital staff have ever met Dr. Bender . "I thought for sure I'd get to meet him last week when I had a man with hairline fracture of his right pinky come in by ambulance, but Dr. Bender made sure to let me know he only operates on the left pinky," said Dr Fedder.

* Mnemonic for wrist bones:  Some Lovers Try Positions They Can't Handle.

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