E/M Coding Lecture Slideshow Presentation For Hospitalists

Presented here is a slideshow evaluation and management (E/M) coding lecture presentation I was asked to provide for the local Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) chapter meeting October, 2014.  This lecture is not sponsored or affiliated with any SHM resource but is my interpretation of  numerous resources, including CPT and CMS, I have researched over many years to help physicians master correct E/M coding.  The 2018 CPT® manual is an invaluable coding resource and can by found on Amazon through the image below and to the right.

This slideshow presentation  focuses on the difference between a level 2 vs a level 3 hospital admission and a level 2 vs a level 3 hospital follow-up visit.  Because Medicare is aggressively increasing audits of E/M documentation, physicians have an obligation to educate themselves about the rules that determine the correct level of service.  I have previously provided detailed discussions for both scenarios linked above.

I chose to focus this lecture presentation on  both sets of these CPT codes (99222 vs 99223 admission and 99232 vs 99233 follow-up)  because they are a large portion of the E/M codes used by hospitalists.  Based on the rules given to hospitalists and other physicians to accurately code E/M visits, mastering correct coding documentation can appropriately help physicians get paid for the work they are providing and minimize over and under billing.

I am a practicing hospitalist with over 10 years of clinical experience.  I have written an entire collection of E/M lectures that can be found here to help guide practitioners through the  coding process.  In addition, I have created a bedside pocket E/M reference card, that I personally use every day, to  accurately determine the most appropriate level of E/M care at point of care service for most inpatient and clinic visit scenarios.

If you are unable to view the coding lecture below, here is a direct link to the slideshow presentation.


This laminated E/M bedside pocket card below is available for purchase. All proceeds are donated to charity.


EM Pocket Reference Cards Using Marshfield Clinic Point Audit

Click image for high definition view


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