Funny Ebola Shirt: Perfect for Public Transportation.

The Happy Hospitalist is proud to present the perfect shirt for public transportation.    Ebola is no laughing matter, but funny Ebola shirts are.  Are you a New Yorker in a hurry?  Hop onto your local subway and stand proud while onlookers scatter.  Need a night out bowling with your buddies?  Get the lane of your choice with the power of Ebola.   In a hurry to get through checkout?   Whip out your Ebola shirt and you'll move to the front of the line.

Is your ER waiting room crammed full at 2 a.m. with non urgent nonsense that can wait until you're off shift?  Casually remove your scrub top and take a nice leisurely stroll through triage.   Bam.  Problem solved.   Are you a hospitalist who needs to round on 42 patients before noon?  Make sure to "forget your scrubs" and wear this shirt with pride.  Are you a nurse who needs help silencing the call light?  Casually  explain to the patient that distribution is getting you a new pair of scrubs while you wear this shirt with confidence.

With your very own funny Ebola shirt, you are in control.   Buy yours today, only from  The Happy Hospitalist Zazzle site below.  You can find the complete collection of Zazzle humor for sale at this link here.

"I just got back from a West Virginia conference about healthcare in Africa and all I brought home was this Ebola shirt"

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