West Africa Ebola Cruise Proving Popular With Anti-Vaxxers

Liberia -- Despite the largest Ebola virus outbreak in history, Carnival Cruise Lines announced expanded Super Saver Sales destinations today by offering 25% off western Africa expeditions along coastal Liberia and Sierra Leone.  Officials say demand is especially strong this season, thanks in part to the route's popularity among anti-vaxx families.

Discounts of 50% and more are frequent during sale events, but demand from wealthy, white people who won't vaccinate their children has allowed Carnival to limit sale prices.

"Our seasonality has been strong this year for coastal West Africa, especially among anti-vaxx families excited to prove all this Ebola hype is just government propaganda," said John Stanbaugh, a Carnival spokesman and father of three unvaccinated children.

Anti-vaxxers' inability to process basic principles of immunology has allowed international cruise lines to market Ebola ravished regions as a family friendly destination experience.

"The internet says Obama created this fake Ebola scare so America could invade West Africa and take over their tropical fruit farms," said Angela Hainsworth, a mother of thirteen homeschooled children in Napa County, California.

Carnival's largest ship, Antivaxx, joins Royal Caribbean's Norwalk in the rapidly expanding market for unvaccinated vacationers.  Cruise lines say they can save hundreds of millions of dollars a year abandoning principles of basic hygiene on routes dedicated to unvaccinated vacationers.  Insurance companies even offer deep discounts on Antivaxx routes, knowing passengers and crew members are unlikely to file lawsuits for health related events.

"We only hire anti-vaxx crews to compliment our passengers. While most crew and passengers will eventually succumb to fever, diarrhea, vomiting and occasional internal hemorrhage, none of them ever complain about a virus," said Carnival spokesman John Stanbaugh, also known as the Father of Anti-vaxx Vacations.

To compliment their West Africa anti-vaxx experience, Carnival has teamed up with Liberian Ebola Tours to offer a fully authentic West Africa cultural experience.  Repeated calls to Liberian Ebola Tours went unanswered.

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