Ebola Virus Joins Medicare List of 30 Day Readmission Penalties.

Washington, DC -  The Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced new payment guidelines for treatment of Ebola hemorrhagic fever.  Starting August 1st, 2014, Ebola virus disease, or ICD-10 A98.4 for short, has been added to the list of diagnoses with 30 day readmission penalties.

"Most Ebola patients will die within 30 days.  If they survive, we want to make sure CMS isn't stuck holding the bag,"  said Jane Fragbleff, Head of Operating Margins at Medicare.

Section 3025 of the Affordable Care Act, known by the street name Obamacare, requires CMS to reduce payments to hospitals with excess readmission rates after October 1st, 2012.  The addition of Ebola virus disease joins COPD and THA/TKA as new additions to the program for fiscal year 2015.

Jim, a 72 year-old midwestern redneck, believes the policy is aimed at eliminating old people.  "Hell, if I ever get Ebola, I'm stayin' 30 days in the hospital.  Ain't no govment takin' 'way my last breath.

In addition, medical facilities caring for patients with  hospital acquired Ebola virus will no longer get reimbursed for any additional resources, including double gowning and double gloving, required for isolatation and observation.

"Starting this month, Medicare considers hospital acquired Ebola infection a never event, as in we will never pay", said Plegm Bagdon, a CMS official who wished to remain anonymous as he was not intelligent enough to talk in public.

In one small victory for hospitals, Ebola virus is now a major complicating or comorbid condition (MCC).  CMS will pay an additional $5 per hospital stay when Ebola virus is listed as an MCC.  This change will  allow hospitals to divert additional funds away from philanthropic efforts to keep up with  rising car payments for administrators.

"What if I told you Ebola has an ICD-10 code."

What if i told you ebola has an ICD-10 code photohumor meme.

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