DEA License Registration Price In 2013 Is $731! A 250% Doctor Tax.

Let's call it what it is:  a doctor tax to finance out of control government spending.   You won't read about these stealth taxes in any Fiscal Cliff's Notes for Dummies, but they're real and they affect how doctors run their business.  Every cost will get passed on to you or your insurance company.  More than likely, it means your doctor will double book your time slot to pay for these and many others in a long list of regulatory expenses.  More than likely, it means you end up paying with your time by using  an additional hour or two of your time bank or sacrificing your free time with your family.

 Below are a  couple pictures of my DEA registration certificates for registration in 2001 to expire in 2004 and registration in 2013 to expire in 2016.  For my three year DEA certificate I obtained in November of 2000 to expire in January of 2004, I paid $210.  Today, in 2012 for my 2013-2016 DEA registration, I paid $731.

That's a nearly 250% increase in DEA registration costs in just 12 short years.  I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.  This out of control doctor tax  parallels  the greater debt debacle occurring right now in America.

  2001-2004 DEA Registration certificate:  $210 for three years.

2013-2016 DEA registration certificate:  $731 for three years.

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