Best Hospital Discharge Orders Ever!

Most people who are admitted to the hospital will eventually get discharged.  That discharge process is filled with multiple potential complicating medical, financial and social implications that can affect patients, hospitals and doctors alike,  the least of which are Medicare's planned nonpayment for 30 day heart failure readmissions and reduced payments for super (but not super enough)  patient satisfaction scores. 

In fact, as a patient safety issue, most hospitals have hospital bylaws that require discharge summaries be performed on all patients who are discharged from their inpatient hospital stay.  This requirement probably has something to do with Joint Commission's discharge summary requirements

The following original Happy Hospitalist ecard expresses how some physicians really think about the discharge process.  It takes doorway rounds to the next level.  Unfortunately,    I just don't think most hospitals would provide physician credentials to doctors who wrote orders for the RN to call the patient and discharge her ass by phone.  However, I say,  if physicians are going to dream, they might as well dream big.  Enjoy this original Happy Hospitalist crude medical ecard humor, sprinkled with a hint of antisocial truth...

"Best Discharge Orders Ever:  Patient talking on phone with 12/10 pain.  Please have RN call her and discharge her ass by phone."

Best discharge orders ever.  Patient talking on phone with 12/10 pain.  Please have RN call her and discharge her ass by phone photo.

This post is for entertainment purposes only and likely contains humor only understood by those in a healthcare profession. Read at your own risk. 

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