Hospital Medicare Readmission Penalties 2014, 2013 List: Black vs White States.

UPDATE:  August 2013.  The Kaiser Foundation has provided an update for hospitals set to be punished with readmission penalties on October 1st, 2013.  They indicated 2,225 hospitals will be penalized this year.  Find your hospital in this 2013 PDF file provided in the article.

2012 DATA:

The Kaiser Foundation reports that 2,211 hospitals will forfeit about 280 million dollars in readmission penalties over the next year (2013) after failing to prevent their patients from returning too soon after discharge.  Here is the Medicare readmission penalty algorithm  formula being implemented by CMS to determine which hospitals to penalize and how much to penalize them.    As you can see, it's complicated. However, here at The Happy Hospitalist, we have rigorously analyzed data and have concluded CMS should stop messing around with all these complicated formulas and simply penalize hospitals based on how black or how white the state's population is.  This data is pretty black and white to me.  I have taken the liberty of comparing Nebraska hospitals against Louisiana hospitals.

In case you're interested in how your hospital fared with regards to Medicare's readmission penalty program, here is the list of every qualifying hospital in the country, organized by state, showing their reduction penalty for 2013.  How did your hospital do?

"White States"

"Black States"

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