Smokers Who Can't Afford Prescriptions Should Be Charged With...

Let's say you came into the hospital with a massive heart attack that almost killed you. Let's say your doctors and nurses brought you back from the brink of death brought on by the  consequences of self inflicted destructive lifestyle choices. Let's say it's time to discharge you back to the community for recovery and recuperation.  Thanks to the magic of generic $4 Walmart drugs, many heart saving cardiac medications are nearly free.  The cocktail of nearly free heart medications can often by obtained for less than $20 a month at your local big box Walmart or competing pharmacy. But, what happens when the patient looks you straight in the eye and says they can't afford their necessary medications and they want you to give them to you for free and they call you Satan when you say you can't do that.

I can understand the anxiety of the unknown.  Many folks can't  afford their medications.  Many folks have to make critical decisions between feeding their family or filling their prescriptions or canceling their unlimited cell phone data plan.  What about the smokers?  What is our social solidarity obligation to smoking patients who claim poverty for their medications yet smoke 2, 3 or 4 packs per day at a cost of  thousands of dollars a year?  How aggressive should hospitals and doctors be in securing free  medications we know can save their lives?  I don't know.  Maybe, instead, we should charge them with the crime of wasting our time.  At least they'll get all the free health care they need in jail.  Unfortunately, most jails don't allow smoking anywhere.  I guess that's a trade off some smokers will have to make.  These  pharmacy ecards explain it:

"Smokers who can't afford my $4 Walmart prescriptions should be charged with wasting my freakin' time."

Smokers who can't afford my $4 Walmart prescriptions should be charged with wasting my freakin' time doctor ecard humor photo

"Stop bitching about my smoking and just give me that $400/month inhaler to make me feel better."

Stop bitching about my smoking and just give me that $400/month inhaler to make me feel better photo

"I don't always have money for my inhalers. But when I do I buy cigarettes instead."

I don't always have money for my inhalers but when I do I buy cigarettes instead humor smoking meme photo.

Facebook education:  
I ran into a stranger at a gas station parking lot all upset.
Happy: Are you OK?
Dude: I was just in the hospital for dehydration. They said my kidneys weren't working. I just tried to get a cup for water inside the gas station lady wouldn't give me one. She said I had to pay for it but I can't afford it.
Happy: It looks like you're a smoker. I bet those smokes are pretty expensive these days.
Dude: Tell me about it. The prices are out of control.
Happy: Maybe being really expensive will help people quit so they can afford to buy cups at the gas station so they don't get admitted to the hospital for dehydration. Maybe you could trade in two smokes for a free water cup. Did you ask them if they would agree to that?
Dude. I ain't givin' up two smokes for some water. Do you have a dollar I can have?

The wheels on the bus go 'round 'n 'round....
This post is for entertainment purposes only and likely contains humor only understood by those in a healthcare profession. Read at your own risk. 

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