Vegas Hangover Bus Gives IV Fluids For Cure On Demand!

In a great medical moment of why didn't I think of that, now comes report out of Las Vegas that Duke graduate and long time Las Vegas anesthesiologist Dr Jason Burke has started a new business at giving Vegas residents an on demand hangover cure with a cocktail of  IV fluids, vitamins and other on the fly medications for prices starting at as little as the $90 introductory price for the redemption package (nothin' but saline)  or $150 for an introduction to The Salvation Package (hydration, vitamins, anti-nausea medication and  anti-inflammatory medications).  Now we're talkin'!

They'll come pick you up in one of their jacked up comfort buses and pump you full of peace and tranquility.  For $500, they'll even come to your room and overwhelm you with their happy juice in the comforts of your own home.   Now we're talkin!  That's more like the price of an ER visit that we're used to.    If you also have friends in need of a little pick-me-up, they'll even get a multi-drunk discount at just $375 a pop.

Dr Burke, you are a genius.   His   Hangover bus can be found cruising up and down the Vegas strip as his life's  most passionate mission to stamp out annoying Vegas hangover begins in April 2012.    Heck, he's even made agreements with the big casinos (like Bellagio and Paris) to pick you up at their designated hangover centers.  I even hear his bus may turn into a reality show.  Please enjoy this original Happy Hospitalist crude medical ecard, part of huge collection on Pinterest.

"Patient too drunk to tell me they ain't f***in' drunk.  Again."

Patient too drunk to tell me they ain't drunk.  Again alcohol ecard humor photo.

Parts of this post contain humor that may only be understood by some healthcare professionals. Read at your own risk.

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