Adult Sippy Cups For Hospital Patients Mandated By The Joint Commission?

So I'm rounding the other day, minding my own business, when I came upon an elderly man drinking from an adult sippy cup.  I've been a hospitalist for almost ten years and I've never seen one of these things in action.  That's right.  A sippy cup for hospitalized adults.  It looked just like a sippy cup for babies, except it was 2-3 times larger.  I remember thinking to myself at the time that this was the perfect medical device scam.   Slap on the infamous medical device label and sell these things to hospitals for ten times the cost of a retail sippy cup for babies.  

But then I thought, this is America, where health care costs more than any other country in the world.    You won't find these adult sippy cups overseas to help make the lives of their nurses easier.   For example, just like kids who won't take their medication, nurses can use the adult sippy cup version to crush their pills and liquify them into a hidden reservoir inside these protected containers to mix with the Ensure that's filled to the brim inside.  Looking for  the next best  hospital grade safety device to use your floors' capital expenditures budget?   Think about buying some adult sippy cups and make your nurses happy.

Some hospitals have actually taken the adult sippy cup to the next level of safety.  Are you a grown adult who's fully capable of drinking out of your own normal cup?  Too bad.  You've been admitted to the Hospital of the Joint Commission which has officially approved the adult sippy cup as the only  safe method for patients to drink in their room or for doctors and nurses to drink at their work station.  Please understand, we don't want you injuring yourself.  It's for your own protection.

This post is for entertainment purposes only and likely contains humor only understood by those in a health care profession. Read at your own risk.

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