Point-And-Click-EHR Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Strikes Again

Point-and-click-EHR carpal tunnel  syndrome is alive and well.  This is a real and growing disabling condition striking thousands of physicians all across this country. In my last decade of hospitalist medicine,  I have seen a rapid expansion of the point-and-click office EHR notes that read like broken English.   These EHR clinical notes are structured and populated in ways that offer limited insight into actual patient care but excel in the medical billing and coding aspect of  evaluation and management documentation.  Often, these notes say nothing of clinical relevance  but meet all the criteria of a high level preoperative H&P.  These point-and-click notes maximize revenue at the expense of patient communication. 

Compare any EMR  from any vendor and you'll find most of them will meet all the government approved specifications to get federal money but few are marketed sas great tools for doctors to communicate their findings to other physicians. Most of these point-and-click EHR distractions actually  hinder the ability of doctors to communicate pertinent findings with other physicians because the pages of worthless information they produce, for even minimally complicated visits,  makes finding relevant information nearly impossible.  

Enter the point-and-click EMR carparl tunnel syndrome. The American Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Society (ACTSS) has recently reported on a remarkable increase in physicians seeking surgical options for CTS.   They discovered that point-and-click EMR systems were to blame for the rapid rise in physician disability claims.  I concur.  Just the other day, I found this outpatient preoperative history and physical for a physician going under the knife.
CC: Pre-operative evaluation for trigger finger:
HPI:    Patient complains of right hand pain.  This pain is in the right hand.  This is a follow-up visit for hand pain for hand problems for hand pain.  He describes the intensity of pain as moderate.  Associated symptoms include and weakness and patient has failed nonsurgical therapy and has considerable disability due to the hand pain.
Just one real life example of how your doctors are communicating with your surgeons.  This is not the  future of health care in America.  This is the current reality.  Someday, all  your physicians are going to be disabled  from their point-and-click EHR CTS.  And when that day comes, I just have to wonder, who is going to click in the blanks?  Now, please enjoy these original Happy Hospitalist EHR ecards.

"My EHR form only has a checkbox for yes or no.  Please stop answering my questions with a 20 minute story about blah, blah, blah."

My EHR form only has a checkbox for yes or no.  Please stop answering my questions with a 20 minute story about blah, blah blah nurse ecard humor photo.

"I can document that H&P in 2 pages. --- said no EHR ever."
I can document that H and P in 2 pages said no EHR ever ecard doctor humor photo

"Ever since my hospital implemented computerized physician verbal order entry, my life has been great!"

Ever since my hospital implemented computerized physician verbal order entry, my life has been great doctor ecard humor photo.

Facebook Humor:
Saw on an admit EHR transfer sheet that my 92 year old was counseled for safe sex practices. It was right there in front of me. EHR check box and all. In addition, his rectal exam was checked off as normal. Normal, as in most people would normally know when you have a finger up their butt. He doesn't remember anything. So I diagnosed him with dementia.  So here's a guy who comes in with an asthma attack and ends up getting counseled on safe sex, gets a finger up the back end and a diagnosis of dementia.  Ah, the unintended consequences of point-and-click EHR medicine are lurking everywhere.
Some of this post is for entertainment purposes only and likely contains humor only understood by those in a healthcare profession. Read at your own risk.

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