Cute Baby Videos, Pictures and Blog Posts of Our Zachary and Sylvia

Our baby Zachary was born on April 21st, 2011.  Since then, he has has been an amazing little baby to watch and grow.  He has an amazing spirit, a great sense of humor and a stubbornness I never thought was possible for a toddler.  I've taken dozens of videos and thousands of pictures.  For awhile, I was averaging over one thousand pictures ever three months.  Between his videos and his pictures, I've nearly filled up a one terabyte hard drive in less than a year. I have also written a small collection of blog posts related to him in one way or another. I've caught some hilarious moment with camera in hand.  Some great facial expressions.  Mostly happy.  Some sad.  Most are cute, at least I think they are.  If you really want follow Zachary, you can see many more pictures and videos on my personal facebook page.   You can see his playlist in running order below and his slideshow of pictures here as well.  Just keep scrolling down. 

Our Sylvia was born August 26th, 2013. I have decided to add her collection to this post as well as a onestop shop for family or friends that want a peak into their lives. Check out their complete collection of pictures and videos organized below.



            Zachary YouTube playlist 

           Sylvia YouTube playlist

            Zachary and Sylvia YouTube playlist


Faces of Zachary. Here's the direct link to the full size slideshow. I've stopped adding pictures to this album when he turned 2 years old on April 21st, 2013.  Below are some of my favorite  pictures in a color splash slide show when he was newborn to 2 months old.  
You can find further action on his Pinterest board below.

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