Italian Greyhound Pictures, Videos and Blog Posts of Our Cute and Funny Iggys

Marty and Cooper are our original babies.  They are Italian greyhounds.  They are miniatures.  They may come in a tiny package but they are all heart.  We call them our little Angels.  We first got Marty in 2003 when I was just starting my practice as a hospitalist.  I got him from some random lady breeding Iggies in the ghetto in Omaha, NE.  She wouldn't take a check.  She was on disability and didn't want the money being tracked. Marty was a cash and carry.  He was the last one.  She said he was the runt.  His name was Marshmallow.  I seemed to love me the moment I saw him.  She had him sleeping in a baby crib and he's been our little baby ever since.   His mama gave him a little lick right before I took him home.  I think she knew that was the last time she would see him.  The whole ride home he curled up on my shoulder.  Mrs Happy was surprised to see him.  She was working that day.

We didn't have anything for him at home.  No food.  No bed.  No crate.  Nothing.  The first night we had him we put him into a crate and went up to bed.  He cried nonstop for an hour.  That was the last time Marty slept alone.  He's been in our bed ever since.  We carried Marty every where.  We took thousands of pictures our his cute little puppy face.  But he was a tough Iggy to potty train.  I remember spending up to a year and longer trying to get him potty trained.  That's tough in the dead of winter.

Then along came Cooper.  Cooper came from a professional breeder.  Cooper was potty trained and micro chipped.  She originally tried to give us a different Iggy but we said we wanted our Cooper.  The first day we met, he got puked on by another Iggy being sold.  Oh yeah, and I dropped him on his head.d  He's OK though.  Then we introduced him to his brother Marty.  By now Marty was much bigger than Cooper.  They ran around in the grass.  They chased each other and had a blast.  Then they both came home and that's when Marty figured out Cooper was here to stay.

Marty like being an only child.  For months, Marty dragged Cooper around by his hind quarter.  Cooper's sharp teeth would retaliate and a puppy fight would ensue.  Eventually they learned to love each other and now they are best of friends.  They snuggle together.  They play together.  They share food together.  They depend on each other.  Over the years I've had the joy of living with these two amazing dogs from an amazing bread.  They love exercise.  They love snuggling under blankets.  They are also great with our baby Zachary.  They have adjusted to his arrival well and protect him and love him like their own.  I have a lot of great content from our Marty and Cooper, including a large assortment of blog posts over the years.  In addition, they have their own YouTube play list with dozens of funny Iggy moments and hundreds of amazing pictures below on their Photobucket slide shows.    You can watch their YouTube play list in order below if you'd like.  I hope you enjoy their Angel spirit as much as we do.  In addition, I also put quite a bit of content on my personal facebook page you can join if you'd like. Also, make sure to join my Happy Hospitalist facebook account for content as well. 

All their pictures and slideshow presentations.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Marty&Cooper Show
Watch this beautiful slide show filled with hundreds of pictures of our Marty and Cooper.

Watch this beautiful slide show (full screen slideshow view) filled with 143 black and white pictures of our Italian greyhounds Marty and Cooper.

Hundreds of Marty and Cooper pictures for your enjoyment. Click here for the full screen slideshow view. I'm always adding new pictures to this slideshow.

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