Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Wizards In Winter) Christmas Lights On Acreage At 112 and A in Lincoln, NE

It's that time of year again for watching amazing Christmas lights displays.  Here's a 2011 video version of Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Wizards In Winter) on an acreage in Lincoln, NE.  We stopped by in 2012 as well and the show was just as amazing.  Hopefully they will continue their show year after year.  There's more than corn in the country side of middle America.  I can't even begin to imagine how these folks put up all these lights year after year without getting divorced! I find the complexity of it all just mind boggling.  I've seen some pretty cool dancing holiday light shows on the internet, but nothing like this amazing holiday light show on an acreage.  Not a house.  An acreage.  This home is on 112th Street just north  of A Street on a gravel road in the country just outside the city limits near Lincoln, NE.  The show is amazing and my  video here can't do it justice.

They have a whole selection of different Christmas songs in which their lights dance in amazing synchronicity.   The cars are lined up  and down the street from both directions to catch a glimpse of it all.  Set your radio to FM 95.x.  I can't remember the exact station number but it's in that number area.  Turn off your lights and enjoy the show.  Our little  20 month old Zachary couldn't get enough of it all.   Merry Christmas too all!

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