What Can Doctors Learn From The Airline Industry? (Awesome Picture)

The airline industry was a lot like physician practices several years ago.  Costs were  rising all around them while stagnant revenue caused declining margins.   Well, this is America, not North Korea.   How did the airline industry survive and thrive (except for American Airlines)?
  1. Efficiency 
  2. Add on revenue opportunities  
Physician offices are just now catching on.  What can doctors learn from the airline industry?  Here's picture proof of efficiency in action.
Text from Sister: Here's how I just checked in at my orthopedists...it's all by kiosk now.  Have to say...they were faster and nicer than many receptionists.  Only problem is...now I feel like I want to get on a plane and go somewhere.
Now that the efficiency game has started, it's just a matter of charging for add ons.  Want closer parking?  That will be $10.  Want a little drink to calm the nerves in the office?  Cough up a few bucks at the wine vending machine.  Need a guarantee that you won't be waiting more than three hours on the waiting room tarmac?  Purchase appointment insurance for a few extra dollars.  Want a guarantee that you'll see the person you're scheduled to see and not a representative of their office? It will cost you extra.  Want the extra delight that comes with first class or business class service?  We've got that too, for a price.

Are you carrying lots of extra baggage today?  Only one question allowed.  All additional baggage will cost you extra.   Don't blame the docs.  Blame the airline industry.  They are the inspiration for our changes.  Everyone always said doctors could learn a thing or two from the airline industry.  Now we are.  Maybe there's even an opportunity somehow for kiosks to improve hospitalist efficiency.  Who knows what the future holds.  I certainly didn't think it was self service check in kiosks in doctors office.  Cheers to the airlines for guiding us doctors into the future!

Kiosks in doctor's office photo

Self serve check in at the doctor's office. If you bring too much baggage with you into the appointment, it'll cost ya extra!

Some of this post is for entertainment purposes only and likely contains humor only understood by those in a healthcare profession. Read at your own risk.

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