Halloween Costumes for Italian Greyhound Dogs (Cute Pictures!)

We went to an Italian greyhound play day today and entered our Marty and Cooper into a contest for the best and funniest halloween costumes.  While they didn't win the any costume category for,  they seemed to fit right in with the other funny dog outfits. We thought they were hilarious in their Santa's Little Helper Halloween costume. A great thanks  to Happy's partner for covering for a few hours and letting Mrs Happy and I escape the hospital for a little Italian greyhound fun!

Here's Cooper with his reindeer ears.  He's a hard worker!

There's Marty in his Halloween Iggy elf costume hangin' out with his baby brother Zachary.  He's more the relaxing type.

Here's the Italian Greyhound Mafia dressed in their suit and ties and all that glitter and jazz.  They won the Italian greyhound Halloween costume contest.  Word on the street is the judges were afraid to vote against them.

Below, you have the Italian greyhound Prince and Princess halloween costume.  Reminds me of our Southern bald Prince Charming and Snow White  Halloween outfits from years yonder.  Precious as precious can be.  Now that's just cute.

Here's a pretty little dog in her pretty little flower pedal Halloween costume.

These Italian greyhound costumes below were some of the funniest and most original I've ever seen. Iggy snails. How clever is that?

It was a great day for Iggys and a nice start to the  fall and Halloween holiday. Just remember, if you take your Italian greyhounds or any other dog or pet with you trick-or-treating, safety comes first. That's why Grandma Happy got us these Halloween vibrant colored waterproof reflective jackets for Marty and Cooper on Halloween night.

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