Clostridium difficile Prevention In the Hospital Explained.

Clostridium difficile can be a nasty infection to get when it is allowed to generate its toxic anitgen.  Many community bound folks have c. diff colonized in their gut flora.  Only after this bacteria is allowed to  take over does it make the toxin responsible for the noxious side effects.  The consequences of a clostridium difficile infection can range from a mild  and annoying diarrhea to toxic megacolon and death.  We are taught early in our training as internal medicine physicians that c diff is classically associated with the antibiotic Clindamycin.  Clinically, however, C. difficile infections are seen far more commonly in patients on many other antibiotics, which makes Clindamycin lawsuits all the more difficult to rationalize.   Should clindamycin be banned? Yes, it should, but only if we are going to ban every single antibiotic ever made. 

C. diff is transmitted through a fecal-oral route.  That means prevention of  cross contamination outbreaks in the hospital can be contained with good hand washing techniques.  But don't use all those Purell hand sanitizers in the hospital.  You may not kill the C. diff spores that make the diarrhea causing toxic antigen.  Use soap and water.  That's your best bet, as this poster below so eloquently describes!.  

C diff prefers alcohol humor

Facebook humor:

That's about right. If you're a patient, remember this the next time your doctor or nurse doesn't wash their hands before touching you. Tell them, "Please wash your hands before examining me" and if they don't, tell them not to come back until they do. If they are offended, tell them you have a keyboard you wiped your ass on that you want them to keystroke until they get the hint. Wash your hands people...

I wiped my ass on your keyboard humor

Last week I save my last 8 patients in the gown-and-glove club for last. That way I could just get dressed in my barrier protection gear one time and save the hospital 7 pairs of gloves and gowns! Now THAT's a hospitalist who's putting on the gloves to fight for economic efficiency...

It's 10 o clock. Do you know where your stethoscope is?

Stethescope in bathroom humor

Some of this post is for entertainment purposes only and likely contains humor only understood by those in a healthcare profession. Read at your own risk.

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