Walmart $4 Drug List App Should Be a Part of Every Hospitalist's Arsenal

I never knew life as a hospitalist could be so easy.  I am a huge fan of using technology to make our lives as doctors better  and more efficient for ourselves and  for our patients.  The infamous $4 Walmart med list started it all.  Shortly after the $4 Walmart drug list, we had every major national pharmacy and local grocery store offering up their own $4 list of medications.  Yet, for what ever reason, the $4 Walmart list is the only one I ever see jammed in the patient's chart for me to try and accommodate the poor and down on their  luck patients with barely $4 to their name.

I'm a big fan of the $4 list. But, I've learned a few quirky clinical details over the years. Albuterol and Atrovent are $4 medications when ordered separately, but  order premixed Duoneb and the cost is ten times higher!  How can you get  the $4 Walmart list with you at all times?  Having the Walmart $4 med list readily available is as easy as downloading the Walmart iPhone app.   The $4 med list data base is just a click away from the home screen.   Just one observation, but I did find the  list may not be exactly up to date as more and more medications go generic.  For example, Norvasc is now a $4 drug, it's not yet on their iPhone $4 medication app list.

I also discovered that the app allows me to self medicate my hypothyroidism and have my levothyroxin delivered to my home with just a couple clicks in the iPhone app.  Just sign up for walmartDOTcom and then sign up for their pharmacy portion and your app is good to go.  While only a physician can order a new  prescription, you can get refills mailed to your home with just the click of a button.  As a doctor, you can save your patients some money  and yourself some time and get your own medication refills right from your phone.  No more wondering if the drug is on the $4 Walmart drug list or not.   This is yet another way to increase hospitalist efficiency.  Oh yeah.  And the app is free.  Here's an original Happy Hospitalist crude medical ecard for your enjoyment.

"I'm sorry sir, but our hospital can't provide brand name Metformin at 50 times the cost while you're here.  We pride ourselves on not being idiots."

I'm sorry sir, but our hospital can't provide brand name Metformin at 50 times the cost while you're here.  We pride ourselves on not being idiots pharmacy ecard humor photo.

Parts of this post contain humor than may only be understood by healthcare professionals. Read at your own risk.

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