Staying Alive Code Blue Hands-Only CPR Music Video With Ken Jeong!

These videos are sure to be the next cult classics for medical students, residents and attending physicians born after 1970.  The first is a public service announcement from the American Heart Association about utilizing  hands-only CPR.  Hands-only CPR is an attempt to simplify the resuscitation effort by lay people in the community.  The AHA is now stressing the importance of circulation in the ABC's of CPR.  Forget about the airway and the breathing.  Focus on circulating the blood with this new CPR method. Who is that crazy host spreading the message in this first video below?  It's none other than comedian, actor and ER physician Ken Jeong.  Watch as he helps you learn hands-only CPR to the music of Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees.  Oh yeah, he also uses women with big boobs to get his point across.

Once you're down soaking up this wealth of information, make sure to review ZDoggMD's version too (second video below).  It's not the American Heart Association or Ken Jeong that is going to transform CPR.  It's ZDoggMD.  I am proud to say  this hospitalist has provided us with the biggest technological break through in CPR since the Hangover.   This new method is sure to  provide entertaining end of life CPR to  millions of  ICU  patients all across America.   Need to save a dying soul but can't seem to get the right CPR beat?    What are you waiting for?  Get your copy of  Code Gold:  CPRs Greatest Hits! today.

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