Treatment of Blocked Tear Ducts In Infants With Breast Milk? Boobs Are Magic.

Little Zachary had been cruising right along.  He had huge newborn baby ink feet pictures.  His BiliBlanket got sent home with the home health care nurses and we were able to snap a really cute picture of him as a tiny little baby.    He's been feeding so well and gaining so much weight that we let our Iggy's use his special pillow for their enjoyment.  Marty and Cooper gave their Brest Friend pillow review two paws up!  Then it hit him.  In just one day, Zach had an eye full of mattering thick yellow goop.  It's the first picture below.  Mrs Happy did what most mothers would do these days and checked a Google search that suggested the possibility of a blocked tear duct.  How did some websites suggest treating the blocked tear duct in an infant or newborn?  By putting a drop or two of breast milk  in the area of the blocked tear duct.

Before heading to the doctor's office for confirmation of Google, MD, we stopped by a local store that assists women with their breast feeding needs.  With Zach at her side complete with his football pacifier, Mrs Happy mentioned the mattering and the possibility that his think secretions might be a blocked tear duct and the folks there said sometimes breast milk can be used to help clear up a blocked tear duct.  They couldn't really explain why, but at least we found independent confirmation of this therapy for blocked and obstructed tear ducts in babies.

Newborn baby with blocked left blocked tear duct
Then we headed to the pediatrician.  The pediatrician listened to Zach's heart and lungs while carrying on full  conversation with us.  I was impressed, as this skill isn't taught in medical school.  She agreed with Dr Google  but indicated there wasn't much that could be done.  Sometimes blocked tear ducts could last 4-6 months and sometimes required surgery if they don't open on their own.  Mrs Happy indicated that breast milk may help open the ducts.  The pediatrician said she'd never heard of this therapy but to let her know how it worked.  So we did.  A couple squirts of breast milk and less than 24 hours later?  The blocked tear ducts were cured!  Zach is a new boy. If you think your infant or newborn has a blocked tear duct and your pediatrician agrees, try a little breast milk.  Milk, it does the body good.  Plus, you don't even need a prescription.  

Blocked tear duct cleared in 24 hours with breast milk!
(This is not medical advice.  I don't know anything about treating kids.)

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