Death By Fibromyalgia (Nearly). Oh The Horrors!

So I heard about a near death by fibromylagia experience the other day from an emergency room physician  medical school friend of mine.   She was a 48 year old woman with fibromyalgia who presented to his ER with a real honest to God code arrest.   It turns out the woman was getting treated for her  fibromyalgia with high doses of Oxycontin 320 mg BID.  She was out shopping with her husband and went to use the restroom.  She came out and immediately collapsed in the stool softener isle .  CPR was administered and she was transferred to the ER, stabilized and ultimately got admitted by a hospitalist.  The woman survived her out of hospital near death by fibromyalgia experience.

It turns out she had been taking extra pain pills for a few days and she went shopping for stool softeners Something tells me her fibromyallergia list just got bigger.  In addition to prednisone and benadryl she now carries an allergy to Oxycontin.   Word on the street is that she tolerates Oxycodone just fine and gets mad when people suggest she shouldn't be.  Fibromyalgia is not a condiition to be taken lightly.  For some people this condition is a nuisance.  For others, fibromyalgia can be deadly.  Always respect the fibro.  

Ever notice how fibromyalgia jokes are only appreciated by doctors and nurses, especially the ones without fibro ecard humor photo

This post is for entertainment purposes. I wouldn't wish fibro or chronic pain on anyone.

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