Italian Greyhound Teeth Cleaning and Brushing At Home (Video).

Last summer we took Marty and Cooper to the vet to get their teeth cleaned under anesthesia.  They spent the entire day in a semi sedated state of sleepiness.  See the picture below of Marty looking half drunk hours after getting his teeth cleaned.  That was quite the sight to see.  Neither one of them could hold their heads up without falling over for hours at a time.  I got some great adorable shots of them in their state of anesthesia let down.    They're almost eight years old now.  The older they get, the harder it will be for them to tolerate anesthesia.  So it's important we keep their teeth cleaned at home.  This is especially hard now with a new baby in the house.  

During their last trip to the puppy dentist in the summer of 2010, some of their teeth were found to be severely decayed and had to be removed, despite having been cleaned under anesthesia less than two years previously.   Marty ended up losing six teeth and Cooper lost four of them.  The vet did all that dental work for less than $100 a dog.    We felt terrible about their tooth loss.  It turns out Italian greyhounds are prone to losing their teeth as are many small dog breeds.  I don't know why.  They just are.  Brushing their teeth is important to prevent further tooth loss from occurring.

The vet recommended we brush their teeth at least twice a week.  We bought a little baby Elmo toothbrush and we use a product we get from Amazon called C.E.T. Toothpaste.  It's an enzymatic toothpaste that tastes like chicken.   They seem to like the taste.   It's distributed by Virbac.  The active ingredients are glucose oxidase and lactoperoxidase.  It's now been almost 10 months since I took this short video clip showing how to clean Italian greyhound teeth.  Their teeth, minus a  minor tartar build up are looking pretty good.

They've gotten more accustomed to the technique I've trialed.  I've refined my positioning of their bodies over the months.  They still put up a fuss now and then.  Cooper seems to have settled into the routine.  Marty (the white one) is still hesitant with the whole idea but is tolerable.     Hopefully, if we can stay diligent with brushing our Iggy's teeth, so they won't lose what they have left.  Pretty soon I'll just line up Marty, Cooper and Zach and just go down the line with a toothbrush and some toothpaste! 

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