Behind The Seeds Tour Disney Review With World Record Pictures!

If you ever go to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, make sure  to get tickets to the  Behind the Seeds Tour at the Epcot Land pavilion greenhouse near the Soarin exhibit.  It's worth the extra money.  You can take the free exhibit ride through a slow moving water way attraction and  get a  superficial look at all the world record plants and vegetables or you can pay a little extra to get an approximately one hour  handicap accessible walking tour with a guide.  How much was the Behind the Seeds Tour at Epcot in December, 2010?  It was $16 for adults and $12 for children.  That's a bit pricey, but I think it is worth the extra cost.  This stuff was just too darn cool to miss a close up experience.

I have published a few of my original pictures I took during our tour as we  walked our way through these super sized plants and vegetables with family.  These few pictures don't tell the whole story.  The next time you're there, take an hour out of your park experience and go check it out.  It's a little known gem of an experience.    Here's a giant eggplant tree below.  So far the guides say this huge eggplant tree, planted February 11, 2010, has produced 1,000 fruits (as of December, 2010)  with a goal of 1,700.    This thing is huge!

Below is a picture of a  world record giant tomato tree (Lycopersicon esculentum).  This tomato tree was seeded March 12, 2010.  This picture was taken December, 2010.  Wow.  Amazing stuff.  I had no idea  tomato plants could grow so big?

The Disney Epcot Behind the Seeds Tour housed the tomato tree responsible for a world record number of tomatos harvested from one plant in one year.  From May 24th, 2005 through April 20th, 2006 a tomato tree at this exhibit gave birth to 1,151.85 pounds (522.464kg) of tomatoes.

If you like pumpkins, you'll love what you see here.  Check out the pictures of these massive pumpkins (Cucurbita Maxima) suspended in the air through an organized lattice of wire supported by PVC pipes.  I believe each planted seed is diverting all its energy to one single well groomed pumpkin weighing 250-300 pounds.

To top off the tour, you even get the chance to feed a swarm of fish and baby alligators.  

There's a lot more to see on the tour.  If you're into this kind of stuff, I recommend you pay the extra money and check it out.  My Behind the Seeds Tour review gets a big two thumbs up review for the cool factor.

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