VA Nurse Pay: Any Amount Is Too Much.

Think VA nurse pay is appropriate?  Think again.  I know in every organization there are competent people and incompetent people.  Over time, most of the incompetent folks either get fired or pushed out by attrition.  That is, except at your wonderful VA hospital system.  The VA is a melting pot of overpaid and under qualified men and women who are protected from the efficiencies of capitalism.  I guarantee VA nurse pay is too much, no matter how much it is.  Why?   I had this conversation the other day with one of my partners whom I trained with as a resident at a VA
Partner:  Do you remember Nurse Betty?
Happy:  No.  
Partner:  Really?  How could you not remember Nurse Betty?
Other Partner:  I remember Nurse Betty.
Partner:  She's the nurse who said the diastolic blood pressure was the same as the pulse.
Happy:  What? Are you kidding me?
Partner:  No.  I argued with her for an hour once.  She said she never checks a patient's pulse because it's the same as the diastolic blood pressure.  So she just writes that down as the pulse.
Happy:  I think there were lots of Nurse Bettys at the VA. 
Just one more in a string of never ending VA horror stories. I have VA patients all the time with no alternative payer source, tell me they would rather not transfer to the VA, but really have no choice.  I don't blame them, considering the VA is full of Nurse Betty's.  And the sad thing is, Nurse Betty will never be fired.  As the old joke goes:  What's the difference between a gun and a VA nurse?  You can fire a gun.  Here's my original Xtranormal video titled Happy vs VA  Doctor, an embellishment based on a true story.

This post is for entertainment purposes only and likely contains humor only understood by those in a healthcare profession. Read at your own risk. 

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