Medical Student Syndrome Redefined: It's Not What You Think.

Most people think medical student syndrome is the sense of worst case scenario medical students often think about when they experience a symptom related to a disease they may have recently read about.  If you're a med student and you have medical student syndrome, every headache you have is a brain tumor, every leg pain is a sacrcoma and every palpitation is  a life threatening arrhythmia.  But that's not at all what medical student syndrome is.  Medical student syndrome is the never ending, unrelenting sensation of always doing too much  work and being bossed around on other people's  schedule.   I occasionally work with third year medical students doing their internal medicine clinical rotations.    Here's a comment from a medical student regarding their experience on our rotation. 
This rotation would be better if they let us out earlier. 
I see not much has changed in 15 years, except, apparently 3 pm is now too late for a day at the medical student's office.   

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