One-To-One Monitoring In The Hospital: When To Stop!

One-to-one one monitoring is a term used in the hospital when confused patients require a babysitter to sit in their room all night long to make sure patients don't pull out their IV or their feeding tubes or their telemetry cardiac monitoring leads.  One-to-one techs are used as a patient safety issue and a nurse decompression issue.  Nurses simply don't have the time to constantly babysit confused patients who may be a harm to themselves or others.  These patients are a Catch 22.  If they fall out of bed, Medicare considers that a never event and won't pay for any care related to the fall.   What's a hospital to do?  If the  family isn't willing or able  to sit in the room 24 hours a day then either the hospital has to eat the cost of a 24 hour sitter in the room,  patients are sedated into never event land or the patient pulls out all their lines and falls flat on their face.

Acute delirium in the hospital is expensive.   In addition to prolonging hospital stays, delirium can lead to complications related to a patient's lack of awareness.  Having a one-to-one monitoring tech is one way to minimize the lesser of two evil costs.  In an ever increasing cost control hospital environment, how do doctors and nurses know when it's time to send the tech home and save some money?  Try implementing my staring sign.    I was standing outside a confused patient's room the other day that had a one-to-one sitter.  All of the sudden the patient opened up his eyes, looked at the sitter and said:
Are you staring at me?
I guess he doesn't need a sitter any more. Time for sitter to clock out and facebook on their own watch.  That's just good hospital humor right there.  At least he wasn't that confused old naked man that nobody wants to manage, as this original Happy Hospitalist nursing ecard helps to explain.

"Please God, don't make me take care of confused old naked guy today.  Amen."

Please God, don't make me take care of confused old naked guy today.  Amen ecard nurse humor photo. Medical Humor Store Banner

Once at Zazzle, turn off the "safe filter" at the bottom of the left hand sidebar view this card through this link.

This post is for entertainment purposes only and likely contains humor only understood by those in a healthcare profession. Read at your own risk. 

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