Disney Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital (Video and Pictures of a Lemur Exam).

Last month, Mrs Happy and I had our family gathering on the Disney property.  While I've been to Animal Kingdom several times, I've never had the chance to check out the vet hospital "surgery" that happens every morning at the Animal Kingdom property.  This year we finally made it over in time (around 10 am) to watch the vets and crew do their thing.  But there wasn't any surgery planned that day.  It was time for a routine preventative physical exam on a couple of lemurs.  They gassed a couple of monkeys and went to town on them.   I took this picture of a  large animal anesthesia apparatus last year.  I can assure you they didn't  use it.   They held the lemur in their arms while they administered the meds to knock it out.  I thought this whole lemur exam thing was going to be boring.  But honestly, it was quite interesting and amusing.  I pulled together a compilation of short video clips I took while watching the vet and everyone else examine these monkeys from head to toe.

I leave a little commentary along the way and even ask a question of my own.  Hang in there.  This video is  my first effort with Apple's  2011 iMovie application from their iLife.  I'm trying to get some practice before junior arrives. Here are a few pictures of my experience at the vet hospital at the Animal Kingdom Disney Park.  The first picture is the operating room where the lemur exam took place.  The second picture is the lemur being examined under anesthesia.  The third picture is an x-ray of the lemur.  In the video, the vet walks us through the x-ray describing what he sees.  Pretty cool stuff.

Now enjoy this video of the  Disney Animal Kingdom vet hospital performing a preventative physical exam  on a lemur.  You won't find that anywhere else.  At least, I don't think you will.  And if you get bored, go do something else.

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