Questions To Ask In Hospitalist Job Inverview To Avoid a Bad Experience.

A reader asked me if I knew how to network other unsuspecting doctors looking to avoid bad hospitalist jobs and not become the next sucker on the block:
Do you have any thoughts about how physicians can safely socially network online to help each other avoid bad hospitalist jobs (or find good ones)? 

I just left a bad job in the Southern California.  Even after I had told them I was quitting, we had a bunch of poor saps interview, ask good questions, but I was quite frankly afraid to tell these guys any honest answers for fear of retribution from my then-employer.  I feel like I helped doom others to the fate of "The Firm" of hospitalist positions.  (i.e. They'll pay you a fu**ton, they're very unethical, but if you try to leave they'll do everything they can to f**k you over.)

Long story short, I got out of that s**thole, and I found a great position in North Dakota, but I would love to let my experience be an appropriate deterrent for fresh-out-of-residency kids who don't know how to figure out which hospitals are malignant, and which ones treat you with respect.

I had thought Sermo might have been that venue, but it's been somewhat disappointing, especially for hospitalists.  It's kinda sad that there isn't a Facebook for docs, unless I'm missing something out there?
 It's the old saying:  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  There are many questions you should ask during your hospitalist job interview.  However, I think one question is the most important.  Ask them how long each hospitalist has been in the group.  Turnover is a huge indicator of malignant programs.   Unfortunately, I don't know of any online  meeting place that could warn other hospitalists about what they are getting into.  Perhpas it is your destiny to start a blog for it.

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