Xtranormal Medical Videos Playlist (Original Content).

Please enjoy these Xtranormal medical videos.  The Xtranormal platform for making videos is no longer available, but the creativity of their producers will live on forever.  The Happy Hospitalist has multiple original Xtranormal videos that are provided for your enjoyment.  The entire collection can be found on this YouTube playlist.  In addition, the YouTube video player below provides the same playlist in chronological order of production.

The Happy Hospitalist has also provided a collection of Xtranormal humor on Pinterest.  Here, you can find all the Happy Hospitalist original Xtranormal medical videos and many other videos worthy of a good laugh or two.  That board can be reached at this link here or viewed below on the pin board provided.  Hovering the mouse over each video in the pin board below will provide you with the title of the video.  Some of this humor is not for the gentle soul.  Some of this humor may only be understood by some healthcare professionals.  Please, read at your own risk.


Let The Happy Hospitalist know if you find other great Xtranormal or non-Xtranormal medical videos for inclusion in the collection by sharing a link to the content on The Happy Hospitalist Facebook Page.

This post is for entertainment purposes only and likely contains humor only understood by those in a healthcare profession. Read at your own risk.

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