MiraLAX Samples For Physicians? I'm Not Full Of It!

Being a hospitalist has its benefits, if getting MiraLAX samples is considered a benefit! What other field promises to give you free constipation medication samples in the mail instead of that all inclusve free trip to Hawaii to learn about the latest and greatest catheter or surgical mesh.  What do you think?  Take them home and give them to friends and family  for Christmas travel plans or donate them to a free clinic? Here's a recent conversation with my colleague.
Nurse coordinator: Happy, do you need some free MiraLAX samples?
Happy: I don't think so. But where did all those free MiraLAX samples come from?
Nurse Coordinator: The drug companies send them to us. We don't really have a need for them. We usually donate them to the free medical clinic. But my mom says they're great for travel because they come in individualized doses and you don't need to carry an entire bottle with you.  Do you want some?
Happy: Huh.  I think I'm good. 
If you found The Happy Hospitalist searching for free MiraLAX samples for your practice, you can get free samples by calling 1-800-MiraLAX.  No joke.  It's right on their website.  They even have a coupon for your patients to save between $1 and $3 for their own colon cleansing experience!  As for my truckload of MiraLAX?  I think it's going down the toilet, one way or another.

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