Coffee In a Box Starbucks Coffee Traveler Picture.

First we had wine in a box. Now you can get coffee in a box from Starbucks. They call it the Coffee Traveler.  It's got a spout with a screw on cap in the front to grab your oversized coffee on the go.  I wonder if anyone buys these things just for themselves.  This one showed up for a church function to serve several dozen coffee lovers.

This 96 oz box of caffeine fills 12 eight ounce cups of perfect brew and comes complete with a cup holders (not seen here) and sturdy handle.  How much does a plain black Coffee Traveler cost?  I called my Lincoln, NE Starbucks and asked.  They said it was "$14 and change".  That works out to just over a dollar per cup.  I'm sure the cost will depend on which part of the country you live in.

I can imagine a medical student surviving an all nighter for their first gross anatomy test by loading up on their own Starbucks coffee in a box.  Maybe they'll even drink it out of their funniest coffee mug ever, the toilet mug.  Now that's belly bustin' humor.  Make this your funniest Christmas present ever today for  your favorite coffee drinking student, mother, grandmother, wife, husband, child, or neighbor and fill it to the brim with Starbucks in a box!

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