Fat Chiweenie! Biggest Chihuahua/Weiner Dog I've Ever Seen!

I think I saw the fattest dog ever today, proportionally speaking.  Mrs Happy and I were letting our Iggys Marty and Cooper run around at the puppy park when we saw what has to be the fattest Chihuahua/Weiner  Dachshund dog mix ever.  Also called a Chiweenie, his owner said he was three years old and weighed 28 pounds.  Large didn't do justice to describing this pup.  This dog brought new meaning to super morbid obesity. 

Twenty eight pounds?  I wonder if this pup is even insurable.  The poor thing was more than one foot wide, probably a foot deep and only two inches off the ground.  She said she has taken him to a bunch of vets and they can't find anything wrong.  So she has plans to take the dog to a nutritionist. A nutritionist?  I know all dogs are not created equal and some dogs are naturally fatter more big boned  than others.  But come on.  A nutritionist?   Really?  How about just not feeding him so much!

Here's my medical advice for Mr Chiweenie.
  1. Stop feeding him so much.
  2. Take him for a walk every day.
  3. Start him on antidepressants.  That seems to be the normal American standard.
  4. Have him pick up smoking.  It seems like all my patients claim they gain weight when they quit, so we should have him start smoking to lose some weight.
  5. Sign him up for an obesty support group so he can talk with other Chiweenies about how he feels about himself.
  6. Give him praise.  Lots of praise to boost his self esteem. 
That's what it's going to take to give Mr Chiweenie a second chance.    I don't know if I should laugh or cry for the poor fella.   He was so cute and looked to be so happy, but I can't imagine what his life will be like when his back snaps in half.  Perhaps then she could sign him up for the paraplegic Chiweenie support group.  And I thought our little Marty was starting to get a little back fat.  We've started to limit his treats to one in the morning and one in the evening.  In between, he'll get praise.

UPDATE March 2011:  I didn't have my camera at the time of my original interaction with this pup,  but I got lucky and snapped these pictures and video below five months later and three pounds lighter.   His owner says he maxed out at 30#s and is now twenty five pounds in the these March 6th, 2011 pictures and video below.  I wrote an updated post about his weight loss journey from  October 2010 and March 2011.  Make sure to head on over there and check it out!

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