Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment Discovered At The State Fair: Hallelujah!

So I'm cruising past vendor after vendor at the State Fair when I realized there is a gold mine in the rough. If only the millions of fibromyalgia pain sufferers knew what they were missing. And there they were.  Two products claiming to be the fibromyalgia pain treatment solution for the ages.  After all these years of forcing primary care physicians through the pain and suffering of treating fibro, who knew a trip to the State Fair held all the answers for a cure to the pain and suffering.

The first product I saw was a pillow.  A really expensive pillow that claimed to relieve fibromyalgia, among other such things as snoring, sleep apnea, neck and back pain, acid reflux, asthma and allergies, restless legs syndrome, anxiety and insomnia.   Who knew that fibromyalgia pain treatment was only a pillow away. The pillow only costs $70.  Why not just fork over your hard earned dollars  and see if this pillow is the fibromyalgia pain treatment you've been looking for.  If it doesn't work, at least you have a really expensive pillow to show for it.

In the second picture is something called the Health Mate infrared sauna.  It comes all fancy looking with all these important looking scientific posters taped down.  To the unsuspecting eye, this stuff looks important.  As I snapped the picture, the booth guy in control was getting really agitated that I walked right up and started snapping pictures of his display. Maybe he thought I was the state  fibromyalgia inspector.  Upon further inspection of these important looking documents in the third picture one can see what the Health Mate Infrared Sauna claims to provide.

It looks like fibromyalgia pain treatment leads the list, along with pain relief of rheumatoid and other arthritic conditions while improving circulation, removing toxins and mineral waste, improving the immune system and enhancing skin tone.  I wonder if it has a toilet inside for all those toxins being flushed out. 

And not to be let down, I found plenty of chiropractic booths ready and willing to cure everything from low thyroid to diabetes with nothing more than a zap here and a bend there.  It am fascinated that people are willing to spend, hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on something that has stood the test of granny and her neighbor, but won't pay a $20 copay to see their doctor for advice.  Perhaps its the internet's fault by ingraining the idea that information should be free while objects should cost money.  Why should I pay for the advice of my doctor when I can get the information I need for free on the internet.  The answer is, you shouldn't.  Just don't ask for advice from your doctor. 

Maybe I should start selling pillows to all my patients to make them feel like they're getting something for their money and then invite them down to the infrared fibromyalgia pain treatment center I've jimmy rigged in my call room.  And to think my patients believe I'm late rounding  because I'm eating lunch.  If they only knew.  Make sure to visit all my other content on fibromyalgia too.  But, at the end of the day, your fibromyalgia is hurting me more than it's hurting you.  Trust me.  These fibromyalgia ecards help explain.

"Your fibromyalgia pain hurst me more than it hurts you.  Just so you know."

Your fibromyalgia pain hurts me more than it hurts you.  Just so you know ecard doctor humor photo.

"Ever notice how fibromyalgia jokes are only appreciated by doctors and nurses, especially the ones without fibro."

Ever notice how fibromyalgia jokes are only appreciated by doctors and nurses, especially the ones without fibro ecard humor photo

"Prepare yourself. A fibro storm is coming!"

Prepare yourself!  A fibro storm is coming humor meme photo.

This post is for entertainment purposes. I wouldn't wish fibro or chronic pain on anyone.

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