Blood Pressure Interactive Chart Review (Free Online Tracking Tool)

I got an email the other day from a reader looking to increase exposure to their nonprofit and budgetless project, a free online home blood pressure chart site.  It takes less than two minutes to sign up for. If you've got high blood pressure, this site may help you take control of your life. I'm a visual person.  I've reviewed the site.  It's advertisement free and comes with tables, charts and graphs to help you understand  what it will take to get your blood pressure under control. A graph of frequent home blood pressure checks would definitely affect the way I managed my hypertensive patients.  Go check it out.  You can even link your results to Facebook and Twitter.

Here's what the site designer has to say about his site.
My name is Matt, I'm a 31 y.o. web developer from Krakow, Poland and I have a hypertension that just doesn't want to go away without being pleased with drugs.  I wanted to keep my readings online and didn't find any website I really liked, so I created my own.   It can be used by people with hypertension and other blood pressure or heart rate related problems to keep track of their readings, analyze and share them with their doctor.  A handful of its users seem to like it, so I've decided to try promoting it a bit.  Seeing as you're a doctor and you seem to enjoy geeky stuff, I was wondering if you were willing to review it at your blog and share your thoughts. There is a short video presentation on the front page.   Please feel free to create an account and test the site yourself.
I did.  It's a great program.  It's very user friendly and presents the data in easy to review chart, table and graph form. 

Here's a small cheat-sheet with site's features
  • It stores your blood pressure and heart rate records
  • It automatically calculates average values from multiple readings (reading is more accurate if you repeat it a few times and write down the average)
  • It displays history on an interactive graph
  • It displays all records in an informative table
  • It shows statistics - average values and "distribution of stages" ("how often was pressure good, how often there was a prehypertension, etc.) for readings taken in the morning, in the evening and all together.
  • It lets users share all the above information on a public profile.  This feature can be turned off for privacy reasons. It lets users send their records by email
  • It lets users set up daily reminders
  • It's a web application - no installation required, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, it uses large fonts suitable for the elderly
  • It's free (I'm not benefiting from it in any way).
If you've got hypertension, this is your future.  Take control of your life and help your doctor understand and personalize your treatment.  Socialize your disease today.

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