Does Farting In the Operating Room Increase Risk Of OR Wound Infections?

The emergency room is always full of good humor.  Take for example this middle of the night serious discussion about farting:
ER doc:  Did you hear about Dr Smith farting in front of a patient?
Happy:  No. 
ER doc: So Dr Smith had this patient that always came in just to talk.  A really anxious woman, she always felt better when she left.   She's completely deaf, but reads lips really well.  Dr Smith had her in his office one day when he realized he had to fart.  He figured she wouldn't be able to hear it so he just let one go.  A big fart right in front of her.
ER doc:  After about a minute or so, the woman starts sniffing in the air wondering what's going on.  She said, "Doc, do you smell that?  Something smells really funny"  And that's when Dr Smith, realized that while she couldn't hear anything, her smell was in fact,  still intact. 
Happy:  Did he document olfactory nerve intact and bump his visit to a 99244?
Have you ever farted in front of a patient?  I can't say I have.  I've had plenty of patients fart in front of me.  And they're always embarrassed when they pass gas.   What if you're a surgeon?  Does farting in the operating room break sterile field?  Does just the smell of fart in the operating room place the patient at risk of post operative wound infections? The OR is supposed to be sterile.  How sterile can the operating field be if a plum of fart smell is permeating amongst the exposed surgical field.  

To answer that pressing question, I heard the Joint Commission has commissioned a study.  They have decided to call it  the F.A.R.T. Trial:  A Randomized  Controlled Trial To Compare Rates Of Post Operative Wound Infections In  Flatus After Removing Tissue.

Now that sounds like a trial acronym only a cardiologist could come up with.  Now please enjoy this original Happy Hospitalist ecard experience.

"That awkward moment right after a patient's silent but deadly fart when eye contact is forbidden and small talk is discouraged."

That awkward moment right after a patient's silent but deadly fart when eye contact is forbidden and small talk is discouraged nurse ecard humor photo.

This post is for entertainment purposes only and likely contains humor only understood by those in a healthcare profession.   Read at your own risk. 

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