Second Jobs For Doctors? Try Roller Derby Girl!

I recommend doctors start looking for second jobs as our  health care finance reform trap continues its  pursuit to bankrupt America.  The only possible outcome to all this mess is the biggest man made health care recession of all times that will make the current economic implosion look like a walk in the park.

What are some possible second jobs for doctors?  Every week I get offers to respond to surveys and telephone conferences by private industry asking for my opinions on up and coming pharmaceuticals.  Just the other day I got offered $500  for a 90 minute interview.  That reminds me, I had better call them back!

What are some other side jobs doctors can participate in for additional income?    I spent time earlier this year talking with a physician review doctor doing chart audit reviews to look for medical necessity on observation versus inpatient admissions. That whole process seems like a sham.  Many doctors take on extra duties with insurance companies as a way to earn extra money.

Doctors also search out second jobs as consultants for medical device companies and drug companies peddling their goods to other doctors while they all gorge themselves at a local fine dining experience.   These positions be very lucrative and often require little additional preparation time.  I once got offered $1,000 to give a lecture about an antibiotic  because I was an expert hospitalist.    The slides would even be provided for me.

If you are one of those semi retired doctors, there are many hospitalist jobs at locum tenens agencies looking to fill a hospitalist position for their client.  Happy once worked with a locum tenens hospitalist.  They don't come cheap. Some physicians simply enjoy traveling around the country or world  working in new environments.  If you enjoy traveling, locum tenens might be the right way to enjoy a second job experience. 

Many economic opportunities for physicians involve no medical experience.  I know many physicians who own rental properties, invest in commercial real estate ventures, open franchise restaurants and even own  landscaping businesses.    The list goes on and on.  In fact, I would suspect most physicians take second jobs in other lines of business completely unrelated to health care as a way to unwind after a long hard day of death and disease.

But I bet you never thought of becoming a roller derby girl.  Mrs Happy and I watched the movie Whip It a few months ago.  I loved it.  It turns out that a  real life roller derby circuit exists right here in the good 'ol USA.   Welcome to the Women's Flat Track Derby Association. Who are the derby girls?  With names like Anna Wrexx-it, Crazy Cooter and Flash Gloria you know it's got to be a good time.  And why not roller derby as a second job for doctors? It looks like some nurses have joined the crew.  One derby girl calls calls herself Nurse FlatlinHER.   She's an RN.  What's her motto?  
Hit somebody!
It turns out one team even has a member named The Bone Setter.  I suspect she's a real life practicing chiropractor.  Talk about the ultimate in marketing for chiropractic care.   That's taking second jobs for doctors to a new level.   If I was a woman and a hospitalist and a derby girl what would I call myself?  Hospice Hospitality.  That's what.  What would your derby name be?

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