Are Doctors Required To Accept Medicaid? What An Insult.

The world debt crises is rapidly spreading across western civilization.  So is the Medicaid contagion.  Once  a program mostly abandoned by primary care, Medicaid has found a dead end with subspecialty groups as well.  Medicaid is the backbone inisurance program of choice for ObamaCare's poor and humbled masses.  But, Medicaid is rapidly becoming an insurance program on paper only because doctors are not required to accept Medicaid.  Medicaid is not insurance.  It is an insult.

Not accepting Medicaid used to be the in-thing for primary care.  Only one internist out of thirty in Happy's town accepts new Medicaid patients.  That's nothing new.  However, this Medicaid contagion has now spread to subspecialty care. In a first of its kind in my community, I learned that some subspecialty surgeons are no longer accepting Medicaid for outpatient evaluations.    Cash is king.  If they are forced to care for a Medicaid patient during ER call, they don't even bill Medicaid for the care.  The hassle factor outweighs the payment received.

Going to the ER does not guarantee you'll get admitted to the hospital, which would mandate the physician to see you.  If you aren't sick enough to get admitted, you may get referred back to the subspecialist doctor  from the ER for an outpatient evaluation and the  front desk at the office will tell you  they don't accept Medicaid and will ask for a cash payment up front for a clinic evaluation.  They may be required to see you.  They aren't required to accept your insurance.

If a Medicaid patient shows up in the clinic as an outpatient referral from a primary care doctor's office, the patient is told they do not accept Medicaid and cash is necessary for an evaluation.  There is no where for the patient to go, except to the University Hospital 60 miles away.  The surgical clinic doesn't  offer cab vouchers like the hospital does.  This is the current reality of Medicaid.  This is ObamaCare's cure to health care finance reform.  Medicaid is not a solution. It's pollution.  Medicaid is an insult to physicians everywhere and it is why most physicians are not accepting new Medicaid patients to care for. 

I commend these doctors for taking a stand and sticking to their principles.  Do patients suffer?  They may, but that's a function of government inaction, not physician inaction. Take it up with your Congressman I would say.  They are the ones that destroyed it.  I commend any group of doctors who take a stand.  One by one, doctor by doctor, group by group, it's time physician's took a stand and said  no to insurance programs  that continue to devalue physician time and education.  Medicaid is going bankrupt and it  isn't because they are paying physicians too much.   We are going to have a nation of insured ObamaCare patients and no doctor willing to care for them.   As one primary care doctor in  town was quoted as saying the other day
I make $1 on every Medicaid patient I see in the clinic.  If I see four  Medicaid patients an hour, I make $4 an hour.  I don't work for $4 an hour.
Until physicians take a stand and abandon third party insurance programs that devalue their service, physicians will never be free of bondage and servitude.  Take a stand doc. If you don't say no to the poorly paying insurance money, quit complaining and take your $4 an hour like a man.

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