When Do Men Stop Thinking About Sex? Never!

You're 80 year old woman knitting booties for your grand child.  And you're husband is sitting next to you starring off into space.  What do you think he's thinking about?  I'm guessing he's thinking about sex.  When do men stop thinking about sex?  They don't.  New research by the British Medical Journal  suggests men want sex until they're almost dead.   The study interviewed about 3000 folks between the ages of 75-84.  In the 75-85 year old age group, almost 40% of men were still thinking about sex, compared with just over 15% of women and healthy folks had more sex (which is one more reason to stay healthy and live an active life).

Sorry ladies.   There's no way around in. If you're wondering when men stop thinking about sex, they don't.  So, as a natural extension of this ground breaking research, I say the time has come to introduce sexual health into the daily cirriculum  of nursing home patients everywhere.  

I know it's hard to think about, the thought of your elderly nursing home bound parents thinking or even having sex.  But it's part of the natural human experience.  For many men, and even women,  they just don't stop thinking about sex, even up until the day they die.  We should make their lives in the nursing home as comfortable as possible.  Breakfast at 8.  Pills at 9.  Highball at noon.  Sex at 1.  Dinner at 4.  In bed by 5.  It doesn't get any better than that!

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