Ten Cool Foreign Body X Ray Images

Foreign body x ray images can turn grown adults into unprofessional little children.  I've seen them in the ED.  I've seen them on the xray monitors.  I see how doctors and nurses react to them at first glance.  I've even taken care of a patient or two  with a foreign body in their bottom end.   I've also seen a few cerebral palsy patients over the years with an uncontrollable need to swallow metal objects.  Those xrays were wild.  Key's, bolts, screws, batteries  and other assorted metal objects shining brightly on the xray.

If you ever find yourself in an ER with a strange object in your bottom end just be honest.  Nobody is going to believe you fell on it.  It's not one in a million doc.  It's one in a never gonna happen!  Your doctors and nurses will probably snicker behind your back while trying their best to maintain a straight face on the outside.  It's best to just play along and crack a few jokes with them because you know they're going to have a hay day with your experience.

I don't personally have any films to show you, but I did find a nice assortment of foreign body xray images here for you to partake in some medical education.   Ever wonder what an iron overdose looks like on film?  There's an xray of it.

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