What Is Medical School Like? Think Fire Hose!

What is medical school like you ask?  It's like drinking from a fire hose.   I almost quit my first week of medical school. I was overwhelmed with a mountain of information that no one, unless they have experienced it, can ever imagine. I was a chemistry major in undergraduate and took some of the hardest chemistry classes known to man and they were nothing compared to the time commitment of medical school.

Nothing can prepare you for the massive onslaught of information in a 21 credit hour semester. Semester after semester. Taking tests on Saturdays, every other Saturday, for two long and painful years.  Spending 120 hours or more a week between lectures, clinicals, writing papers and studying. And never feeling like you've mastered the material.

Day after day after day, the massive amount and detail of the information was an experience nothing could prepare you for. Take your hardest undergraduate class you ever took, and triple that experience and you still wont experience the fire hose of medical school.

Those that denigrate the educational experience of MDs and believe they can get the same with less qualified students of their trade need only to follow the life of a medical student and resident to understand exactly what they aren't getting from those who took the road less traveled.

That's the fire hose of medical school. When you are sick as a dog in the ICU are have something that nobody knows what to do with, you will want a doctor who nearly drowned in that experience called medical school.

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--> Someone found my blog using the string of words:  "Is it possible to work full time and go to medical school?"  This is why non MDs don't understand the intensity of a training doctor's experience. The answer is no. Med school is more than 2 full time jobs by itself. 

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